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OMG, Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 Noel Kahn! We missed you so much and are so happy you’re back in Rosewood! JK, we hate you. But we were kinda glad he made his way into last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode, since it seems the pieces may finally be coming together on that night Emily was drunk. Ezra’s brother Wesley, played by Gregg Sulkin, also made his debut on last night’s “The Kahn Game,” but enough about the hot dudes. Onto the recap! See what happened with each girl below, and don’t forget to tell us who you feel bad for and why in the comments!

1. What happened with Emily? Emily and Paige seem to finally be a happy couple, but when Hanna confesses what happened last week with Maya’s website and how Caleb hacked in and found photos and videos of her, Emily sorta has a change of heart and gets all sappy over Maya again. And then occurred #thatawkwardmomentwhen your current girlfriend walks in on you crying as you watch videos left by your dead girlfriend. Don’t you hate when that happens? Luckily, though, Paige was really understanding and told Em that  Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 it’s cool because her mom did the same thing when her grandfather died. Totally the same thing.

What happened with Hanna? The police are still stalking the Marin household, begging Ashley for her consent to have Hanna give a blood sample. Not gonna happen, buddy. Meanwhile, though, Ashley invites sketchy two-timer Ted over for a homemade dinner and sorta opens up to him about how the cops assume her daughter is a criminal but that she really isn’t. Cool. Caleb and Hanna, meanwhile, have a moment in the school hallway, at which point she gets a text from “A” telling her Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 to go to some grill alone — or else Caleb dies. On her way to the restaurant, she sees Caleb, who says “I’m A! I sent you that text!” What the HECK? He was obviously lying (we think), but it was Caleb’s way of proving to Hanna that he knows what’s going on and that it’s ok for her to open up to him. So she does, and then they make out. YAY HALEB FTW!

What happened with Spencer? Sparia was basically inseparable in this ep. After the two gals run into Cece, Ali’s old friend, she offers to help Spencer apply to college since she’s been too busy with “A” stuff to apply early decision to UPenn. Realistic. So Cece drags the girls to a party, where she says a college admissions person will be so Spencer can hand in her application. Again, realistic. But instead, the girls realize that the party they’re at is Eric Kahn’s, as in Noel’s other brother. Oh, and they ALSO realize that the stamp to get into Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 the party is the same stamp that was on Holden and Maya’s wrists. It’s a conspiracy! Oh, and then Jenna and Spencer started playing this cray game of Truth or Dare, where Jenna tells Spenc that Noel was with her and Emily the night she was drunk. Oh, and then when she gets home from the party? She calls Toby and says she misses him while simultaneously getting an email from UPenn that her application has been received. Or has it…

Well, Aria was at the same party with Spenc (and got the same creepy wrist stamp), but instead of playing Truth or Dare with Jenna, she plays with Noel, who asks her awkward questions about how she met her boyfriend and stuff. Yikes. Then later, when she calls Ezra to pick her up from the party, Wesley answers the phone and picks her up instead. They have a lovely chat on the ride home, where Wes tells Aria that Ezra Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 got his high school girlfriend, Maggie, pregnant at 18, but that their mom paid her off to get rid of the baby and never speak to Ezra again. Oh, and in other Wesley news? Ezra tells Aria that he has to buy back his grandfather’s car he sold (for double the money), since it was technically his bro’s car and so he has to give it back to him. Pretty sure he’s lying about that.

Unfortunately, it looks like Spencer has forgotten to apply to her dream college – University of Pennsylvania. Spencer! College! That’s ridiculous. She also got a “B” on her physics homework – so basically her entire world is falling apart. While Aria tries to reassure her, Spencer also decides that she needs to get her boyfriend back. CeCe stumbles upon Aria and Spencer at the cafe, and Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 mentions to Spencer that she went to UPenn. Spencer is basically foaming at the mouth at the thought of knowing someone who may help her with her application by connecting her with “a dean, a professor… a janitor even!” Way to aim high, Spence. CeCe then tells Spencer that one of her friends actually went to UPenn and now works in the Admissions Office, and that there’s a party that evening that the person will be at. Spencer begs (puppy eyes and all) CeCe to take her to the party and she finally agrees.

Over at Hanna’s house, Ashley (Hanna’s mom) has been served with a paperwork that says Hanna has five days to provide a blood sample to be compared with the one that was found on Allie’s belongings. Ashley is quite [understandably] upset about this and asks the officer to lower his voice so that Hanna, who is upstairs getting ready for school, doesn’t hear. Oh man. Ashley’s decides that her best course of action is to give Veronica Hastings Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11  (Spencer’s mother) a call to get this taken care of. A smart move, if I do say so myself, but I thought Mrs. Hastings was already on the case…?

In school Hanna (who looks fabulous, as always) sees Caleb from down the hall. After a couple seconds of intense eye-locking, Hanna walks to her locker where Caleb meets her and asks if she’s seen Spencer. Hanna tells him that she hasn’t, and Caleb asks her to give Spencer a note that contains the log-in information to the Maya website. The pair exchange some pleasantries, and really just make up already! Then, the bell rings and Caleb walks away. Just then, Hanna gets a text from “A” that says, “The Apple Rose Grille at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays. -A” Hanna is obviously none too pleased with this, and she shows Spencer. Hanna tells Spencer that she was only speaking to Caleb for about 2 seconds Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 before she got the text and they switch the topic to Mona. Hanna tells Spencer she hasn’t seen Mona … or Wren … recently, and when Hanna alludes that she needs to go there soon Spencer makes her promise that she won’t go. And definitely not alone.

This week on PLL, lovers were scorned while Ella dated many men. Then Hanna got stabbed (by her own hand) and Wren sewed up her leg. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra continued to squabble and Emily kissed Nate. Read on for our thoughts, musings, and suspicions regarding our favorite Pretty Little Liars. Phoebe B: Oh man I’m so excited for her and the hot cafe owner! He is adorable and clearly so into her. Also, I thought his exchange Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 with Aria was hilarious and awkward and I was pleased to find out that Ella was out and about dating up a storm. I really hope he isn’t terrible … the men on this show are so hard to trust! Interesting too that just as Aria and Fitz are starting to have trouble, Ella starts having a fun dating life. Lastly, there final wine filled date looked so fun and cute as did that amazing and delicious-looking picnic he brought her at school.

Sarah T: Aria’s protective warning to Zach—“If you hurt her, I’ll crush your scones”–is most definitely the line of the night. I don’t think Zach is going to be one of the bad apples (of which there are men aplenty on this show), but I do think that he was a little off his rocker bringing Prosecco to drink in the classroom in the middle of the school day! I guess maybe that’s proof that he’s been out of high school long enough to reasonably date Ella. Good observation about Ella’s dating life picking up just as Aria and Ezra are hitting the rocks, Phoebes. I also think it’s interesting that the Montgomery clan seems to solely date outside their own age range:  Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11  Aria’s parents date younger, Aria dates older. What will Mikey do? Does Mikey exist anymore? Only time will tell. (Where is Lucas, relatedly, and why isn’t anyone asking him why he had the pills that were used to drug Emily? My beloved show has more dropped plotlines than Bella Swan has dropped spaghetti sauce.) So many scorned lovers this week. Are you worried about Paige and Wren betrAying the PLLs?